Advisory Board

Acording to §4 of the resolution of May 20, 1928, the Advisory Board of the SMS consists of

The explicit list consists of the following names: Jérémy Blanc, Urs Lang, Anand Dessai, Nicolas Monod, Christine Riedtmann, Bruno Colbois, Viktor Schroeder, Norbert Hungerbühler, Peter Buser, Rolf Jeltsch, Gerhard Wanner, Hans Jarchow, François Sigrist, Urs Stammbach, Norbert A'Campo, Henri Carnal, Alain Robert, André Haefliger, Marcus Grote, Zoltan Balogh, Ruth Kellerhals, Andras Szenes, Elisa Gorla, Enrico De Giorgi, Stefan Wolf, Marc Burger.

The advisory board elects new members of the editorial board of the Journals of the SMS. Moreover, the advisory board is the ultimate resort to hear a case between an author and the editorial board of one of the journals of the SMS (see §5). The board members are listed on the back of the cover page of the journals of the SMS and on the web pages of the journals.