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News, and Preview of significant forthcoming events
Memoirs of the EMS Memoirs of the EMS

The EMS has launched a new publication
zbMATH Zentralblatt zbMATH

is now open access with new features
Lichnerowicz Prizes Pavel Safronov and Xiaomeng Xu

The Swiss Mathematical Society congratulates both SwissMAP alumni on receiving the André Lichnerowicz Prizes for Poisson Geometry 2020/2021!
Maryna Viazowska Maryna Viazowska

The Swiss Mathematical Society congratulates Maryna Viazowska (EPFL) on receiving the EMS prize!
Joaquim Serra Joaquim Serra

The Swiss Mathematical Society congratulates Joaquim Serra (ETH Zürich) on receiving the EMS prize!
ICMP International Congress on Mathematical Physics

submission deadline extended to 8th March 2021

University of Geneva
July 29 - 31, 2021
human-right ICMP Human Rights Session

The traditional ICMP Human Rights Session (6th August 2021) proposes over a standing lunch, a discussion on to the Impact of gender equality measures in mathematics & physics (call for contributions submission deadline: 10th May 2021)
ICM2022 International Congress of Mathematicians

Plenary speaker:
Camillo de Lellis, Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and University of Zurich

Saint Petersburg
July 6 - 14, 2022
ZHAW 6th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Finance

ZHAW Winterthur, Online
September 9, 2021
EMS European Mathematical Society EMS

New website of EMS
EMS Press EMS Press

New website of the Publishing House of the European Mathematical Society
Jost Buergi Newsletter Jost Bürgi Newsletter

Registration for the Jost Bürgi Newsetter

mathseminar Online Math Seminars worldwide
E-Periodica E-Periodica

The new platform for digitized Swiss journals hosting the Swiss Digital Mathematics Library
E-Books E-lending

Scientific e-books

Hyperboloid Now online:

Digital archive of mathematical models (DAMM)

ETH Zurich in cooperation with TU Dresden
Adolf Hurwitz Now online:

The mathematical diaries of Adolf Hurwitz

Tadashi Tokieda Now online:

SMS Public lecture 2011 Tadashi Tokieda

Science from a sheet of paper
Colin Wright Now online:

SMS Public lecture 2014 Colin Wright

5 Balls, 2 Hands: Patterns of Juggling

Jonglieren und Mathematik: Eine verblüffende Verbindung!

Lorenz Halbeisen Now online:

SMS Public lecture 2017 Lorenz Halbeisen

Change Ringing: The English way to ring groups
Leonhard Euler Now online:

Euler video in English, French and German

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