SMS Travel Grants

Intention: The task of the SMS Travel Grants is to provide travel grants to Swiss mathematicians (including students) who participate in lectures, seminars, colloquia or congresses in Switzerland or abroad.

In particular, mathematicians who give a lecture on the occasion of the annual meeting of the SMS, are reimbursed by the SMS Travel Grants. Grants can also be awarded to foreign mathematicians who are staying in Switzerland, but only for their participation in events within Switzerland. Grants cover travel expenses and accommodation.

Travel costs of mathematicians who are supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, are primarily covered by the latter. Doctoral students enrolled in a department affiliated to the CUSO are usually supported only by the CUSO for activities of the Swiss Doctoral Program in Mathematics.

Procedure: Applications for an SMS Travel Grant are to be sent to the member of the Board of Trustees of the respective university. The board member submits the application with a proposition to the Vice President of the SMS. In a case of doubt or if the requested sum exceeds 500 CHF, the vice president consults the board of trustees. If the request is granted, the applicant submits the original receipts along with his or her bank connection to the Office of the SMS.

Funding: The SMS Travel Grants are supported by the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences ("Nachwuchsförderung") and by the Stiftung zur Förderung der Mathematischen Wissenschaften in der Schweiz ("Austauschdienst").