Tuesday, May 29.

Time Name Title
11.30 Thierry Hild Why is the modular group extremal?
14.30 Roland Lötscher Composition of quadratic forms when 2 is not invertible
15.45 - Poster Session
16.30 Soyoung Moon The end justifies the (G-invariant) mean

Wednesday, May 30.

Time Name Title
9.30 Mihaela Popoviciu Polynomials, Invariants and Computer Algebra
11.00 Imbo Sim Local nonreflecting boundary condition for time-dependent multiple scattering
12.10 - Colloquium Picture
14.00 Gilles Vilmart Modified differential equations in geometric numerical integration
15.00 Thomas Zürcher Sobolev spaces and Hausdorff measure
16.00 - Awards Ceremony

The talks should, if possible, be given in English and be at most 60 minutes long. Please also consider that the audience of your talk will come from all fields of mathematics. The talks should be understandable for any student beginning his/her PhD.

All talks will take place in the large lecture hall of the Mathematisches Insitut at Rheinsprung 21.

There will be coffee.